Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Last year, for Lent, I gave up bread products. I am doing it again this year with an addition - pasta.

But, I am nothing if not an over analyzer and after issues with defining bread last year, I decided to be very specific this year.

So. For the next 40 days and 40 nights I will not be eating:
Sandwich or sub bread
Garlic bread or bread sticks
Spaghetti or any form of regular pasta

Things that are borderline but allowed:
Wheat wraps or corn quesadillas
Corn based bread like products (I need something other than meat for breakfast! Corn cakes, go!)

I guess what I'm trying to give up is white flour based items. I'm sad about not being able to nom the rest of the perogies that are in my freezer.

But alas.

I'm also adding in a plank a day to my day to day activities and got a friend in on the action.

I'm feeling good about this. Scared, but good.


  1. I always think of you as the cute lil redheaded girl from Brave because of your pretty ginger curls, but now I really think of you as BRAVE because I go batshit when I can't eat bread. I lose weight like crazy when I cut carbs. Keep us updated on your process!!! <3

  2. I'm with you on the white flour stuff. Where do the sprouted grain breads fit in? There isn't any white flour in those, and girl, do you know they break down in your system like a protein??? Half a sprouted grain english muffin with a scrambled egg in the morning holds me till my first snacktime around 11 EASY. If it fits in your definition, you might just love them. Ezekiel Bread is in the freezer case at the teeter.
    Also, when I did this once I fell in love with corn tortillas and never looked back.

  3. I SHED the while temporarily with all plans to add back in and felt so great and SO MUCH BETTER 19 years later I never added back in.


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