Saturday, October 13, 2012

All work and no play...

Ok, so it hasn't been "no play," but not nearly enough play this last week.  And this coming week isn't looking very happy either.

I had a big deadline on Friday.  I made it, but just barely.  My team really pulled through.  The whole week was just insane though.  I worked until late, through lunch and went in early all week and between that and my insane Zumba schedule I am just straight up beat.

And tomorrow starts 3 insane days back to back.

At about 4:30 tomorrow morning I need to head out the door to drive to Stokesdale for a Zumba license class - Sentao.  Can we say OW!?!?! It's not going to be an easy day and then you add the 2.75 hour drive to the equation and SUPER FREAKING OW.

After the class is done I'm taking a hop skip and a jump drive over to Winston Salem and checking in to a hotel for 2 days of locked in a room fun of data jamming and testing.  So Monday I'll be sitting in a chair and not moving.  That's generally not helpful for all the soreness.

Then I get to come home and jump back on my normal Zumba schedule.

I'm really hoping that the two nights where I can't do Zumba will let my body get some much needed rest.  I would like to not be sore all over.  I also don't know what I'm going to do with 2 days without cardio.  Maybe the place I'm staying will have a good onsite gym and I can get in a short run or something before heading in?  I know I'm not running outside at early o'clock in a place I don't know.

Highlights of this past week:

1. Matt and I went running Wednesday evening and I did a full 8 minute run for just over a half a mile.  Endurance is getting way better. I have high hopes for my 5k next month!
2. I had a Zumba instructor from Raleigh come to my class Wednesday night and taught an awesome belly dance routine that I'm almost ready to introduce in to the class myself.  I love it.
3. Weigh in on Wednesday - down only .2 pounds but I was retaining water like crazy because I was dumb and ate McDonald's chicken nuggets on Tuesday night.
4. I got the nicest compliment from a lady at my YMCA class this morning - she told me I had beautiful hands when I danced and that I danced through to the very tips.
5. Choreographed a new Salsa and a cha-cha to Love Potion No. 9.  The love potion routine is a Halloween song but I'm loving it for now.

Countdown to 30 - 7 more days! WOOHOO! Bring it on 30s! I'm coming for you!


  1. Well Monday doesn't sound like it'll be much fun, but the past week sounded pretty cool!

  2. it's monday
    which means it's almost tuesday
    which means it's almost YOURE THIRTY DAY!! :)

  3. It sounds like you are a busy lady. I kind of envy you with your busy schedule. I'm pretty much stuck at home of most of the week. The highlight of my day is taking a nice walk if the weather permits. The weather has been beautiful lately so they have been quit pleasant.


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